Since June 2015, we've been putting out two podcasts a week, answering the myriad of bizarre questions fielded by our Twitter friends. Hosts Jon and Davey are joined by the inscrutable Engineer, Rob O'Sullivan of Sentinel Audio Productions, who keeps an eye on the ones and twos, and has become a true member of the Stoneface family. We strive to peddle our abject nonsense far and wide; why not read a review below, or have a listen on iTunes, Stitcher, or with Sentinel Audio?

"Using hilarity as their weapon, these Stoneface film people have pulled me into the strange world of Star Wars and Trek, comics and comedians, D&D and board games. I am a busy man, yet I now have 'Stoneface Films podcast time' penned into my busy itinerary." - Jomur11111

"This podcast harnesses all of the fun of a really great post-dinner debate with friends into an hour-ish long bi-weekly broadcast.  This podcast can and will go anywhere." - Pengke

"This show is so great! I'm always looking forward to Tuesdays and Thursdays when the new shows are released, and I can't get enough of it. The Irish accents get me, and the guys are so funny!" - Jorge-NeatoBunch

"Davey, Jon and Rob are all so comfortable with each other and funny that their discussions about the most ridiculous, raunchy topic or listener's question is entertaining and somehow, thought-provoking ... it is all entertaining, edgy without being insulting, and feels 100% authentic. These are just a group of friends being themselves and enjoying a chat, albeit a somewhat crazy one. And you get to listen." - Sadie Hunter